Sustainable tourism

A sense of ecological responsibility has always been part of Sa Rutta’s lifestyle.

At Sa Rutta Experience we want to preserve a fundamental concept: the immeasurable value of uncontaminated nature must continue to be a legacy to be enjoyed by future generations, while guaranteeing the correct operating conditions for nature tourism.

In line with the principles of sustainable tourism, environmental resources must be intelligently enhanced, always with the utmost respect for the natural environment.

From an ecological point of view, sustainable tourism aims to ensure that environmental values, the functioning of ecological systems and the presence of the native species of the area are not compromised.

In order to assess the sustainability of the project, factors such as wear and tear of the hiking terrain, air pollution, energy efficiency and the impact of tourism on animal species, are monitored regularly within the areas in which we work.

Sustainable development is “a development that satisfies the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.


Sa Rutta Experience: the new frontier of sustainable tourism in Sardinia

Our desire is to increase the number of tourists in the Sarrabus area, but to do it in a controlled and sustainable way.

More and more tourists and tour operators expect a travel destination to be based on the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment.

The Sa Rutta Experience project expresses all our commitment to identifying a tourist offer based on the concept of “Leave No Trace”: leaving no trace of our passage.

Tourism is growing fast in Sa Rutta and we want to face this change by anticipating the times, thus managing a growing number of visitors responsibly, so as to ensure that the magnificent natural environment which characterises this area remains intact for the coming generations.